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 The Power of Writing.

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PostSubject: The Power of Writing.   Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:27 pm

The title might seem weird, but it's a fact studied at Harvard. That when researchers asked 100 students if they had written down their goals in life. An astonishing low amount of people said "Yes" which was only 3%; and 97% said "No." The researches then did a Five year follow up on those 3%, and found that they were making more than the 97% combined in their Careers. So, what I am saying is that if you have a goal, YOU SHOULD WRITE IT DOWN. And if you do, and you say aloud to yourself your goals and keep reminding yourself about this/these goal(s) then you will, für sure, accomplish these goals. Yes it will be a difficult trial of time; but it's completely worth the wait if you do this and you will have a feeling of selfaccomplishment like no other. And if you like, you can either post your goals here. Or you can post them on your post of goals on the 'Clan Goals' Topic.
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The Power of Writing.
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