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 An Untitled and possible new Novel.

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PostSubject: An Untitled and possible new Novel.   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:04 am


The dark night sky, no stars in sight, it has always brought to me an eerie feeling, but this time, it is mixed with confusion and rage. The pain surging through my body, as I cannot move a single muscle to try and find shelter, all I can do is lie there and hope I will make it through the night. All I can remember is that I was left here to die, I do not have any other memories, I have forgotten who I even am, but one thing is for sure, once I can get off of this grimy dirt that is now stained with my blood, I will surely recover my memory and find out who did this to me, and when I do – so hope to god that they have already repented everything they have done. For every ounce of blood I have lost, I will return them the favour with pain and suffering. After all, they didn’t turn me into this monster for no reason.
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An Untitled and possible new Novel.
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