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 Posts for Review.

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PostSubject: Posts for Review.   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:23 pm

This is the post i want to make to the clan directly.

Due to some recent events, I felt it necessary to outline the powers of leadership ranks in the clan chat, to avoid Unnecessary confusion. Now, the first and most basic thing to outline is who 'Leadership' is.

Leadership, is anyone who posesses a star rank as follows: Bronze, Silver and especially Gold. Each star has a job to do, and we trust them to do that job well, but since Juicedbabies and I cannot be on all the time to quell arguments, or disagreements, stars HAVE been given certian rights to keep the clan chat under control.

Bronze Stars - AKA Peace Keepers.

The job of the Peace Keepers is basic, their job is to make sure the clan chat does not erupt into a wild frenzy of heated arguments or in some cases, full blown word fights. If a bronze star is the ONLY star in the clan chat, then they are the utmost power in the clan chat. They have the right to keep the clan chat peacefull however necessary. Normally, this is just related to telling members to drop a topic, be quiet, stop spamming, etc. They give you 2 warnings before you have extended your boundries, and on the 3rd warning, you are kicked. The bronze star must them PM the offender telling them WHY they were kicked, and that they will be welcomed back into the clan in 1 hour (once the kick has subsided).

Remember, bronze is peace.

Silver Stars - Ambassadors and Event Cordinator.

The silver stars have very specific jobs to do, one of them is the Ambasador, a person to keep good ties between our clan, and our allies. To organize certian events and to just over all keep in touch. The event coordinator comes up with events for the clan to follow, and sees them executed. These jobs are MUCH harder than they seem (trust me, I did both before I became Co-Leader), so the silve stars demand some form of respect. When there is a silver star and a bronze star in the clan chat, the silver star's power's superceede the bronze stars powers. They will, however, tell the bronze stars of their intent before they do it. Also, they act as peace keepers when a peacekeeper is not in the clan chat, and will follow the same rules as above. 2 warnings, and then a kick, then a PM informing the offender in the event of a kick.

Gold Star - War Lord.

As you know, there are 3 gold stars in the clan. Juicedbabies, Crazykid, and I. Crazykid is the War Lord, and he has ultimate say on wars and other things of that nature. When there are no other stars in the clan chat, he has authority. He acts as a peacekeepr at ALL TIMES. His power superceedes both SIlver and bronze stars and does NOT have to tell the lower stars the reasons behind his actions, they will be reported to me or Juicedbabies. Unlike the silver stars though, he only has to give 1 warning before he acts.

Gold stars - Leaders

Juicedbabies and I are the 2 leaders of this clan, Legions of Fury. Our athoraty superceedes ANYONES. If we say to let something go, stop arguing, please heed the subliminal warrning, as we both reserve the right to KICK WITHOUT NOTICE. Juicedbabies and I like to give out warnings before hand, several infact. But if you dont heed them, or are dumb enough to disreguard our words as non important, you may find yourself on the LOF ban list faster than you thought.

the new LOF rules.

~~*^*~~GOLDEN RULE~~*^*~~
Respect. Remember, this clan is a family so treat others the way YOU want to be treated. A basic but VERY important rule.


2. Bump the offical thread when you are logged into the forums.

3. Leadership has the right to kick cumbersome members from the clan chat temporarily. If you are a member and you beleive that a star has outsteped the limits of his/her power, please PM Juicedbabies or Luv Puppy122 and we will look into this matter.

4. Excessive languange and avoiding the cencor is not permitted in the clan chat. If you absolutley have to vent, star it out, but keep it minimal.

5. If the Forums are Laggy or do not work for you, Legions of Fury has an off site, PM a leader in game to find it.

6. Event Schedule and Times are on forums and the Event is posted as the chat title every day. DO NOT constantly ask us in Cc or PM what the event is or what time it is.

7. You aren't ranked by how high or how low your levels are. If you feel because you have 99 everything you should get special treatment, this clan isn't for you.

8. Activity is of key importance in this clan. Dont think that if you apply you can just sit back and do nothing.

9. Spamming Cc and/or Forums is not allowed. Excessive spamming will result in a permanent ban.

10. Fill out Applications honestly. If we catch you lying about your levels, you will be banned.

11. NO MULTI-CLANING. Membership in other clans that could earn you a ban include other P2P Community style clans. Clans like Pest Control clans, or mini game clans, or pking clans are acceptable.

12. If you are caught breaking rules in CC, you will be given a warning, if you continue, you will get kicked.

13. All promotions will be done by Leadership taking notice of members. DO NOT beg for a higher rank, we will give you one when we feel it is needed.
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Posts for Review.
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