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 With a True Religious Intent.

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PostSubject: With a True Religious Intent.   Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:31 am

I awake, eyes heavy from being tired, or just swollen from being beat probably. The eerie sound of nothing but the sound of water dripping from a crack in the concrete ceiling from the rain that is raining like cats and dogs. I always found that saying funny, just the literal thought of cats and dogs falling from the sky was always amusing. But that is not what is in my mind now. What really is in my mind is the fact that my hands are bound behind me by cable, tied to a chair, and as are my feet. I taste blood in my mouth, I guess I was beaten pretty badly, but I am not sure by what. It is too dark in here to really see anything, all there is, is a small ember glow of a small Television. And it seems like their program is about to begin. Loud music booms, and the show begins. It is propaganda, but not any propaganda, but that for some belief. Saying that my so called “Soul,” is doomed and is going to be sent straight to hell on the express lane with a one way ticket. This “God” is angry about my actions, and wants me to repent otherwise I will forever feel the never ending pain of “Hell.” Instead of happy images, I see brainwashing trash, as these people who somehow grabbed me from my “safe” home that was provided by the people that we love and “trust” the most. As they try to feed me this garbage, I suddenly become weary, and my eyes close. I awake in bright light, with one thing in my mind, I must serve this occult being, that has “Saved my soul.”
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With a True Religious Intent.
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